Long elegant Sautoir-Necklaces with a Diamondclasp

All of these Sautoir-Necklaces have diamond encrusted clasps that can be worn on the side or in front. Some of the clasps come as elephants, when wrapped around the neck the elephant comes as a statement element in front. The sparkling greys diamond claps give the necklaces a luxurious feel.


Such Sautoir-Necklaces are longer than those with pendants and are 120 cm long.

casual elegant long neckaces with diamond clasps worn layered
Labradorite Bezel necklace with diamondclasp "Elephant"
Bezelnecklace from Chocolate Moonstone with "Elephantclasp"

Chocolate Moonstone Bezelnecklace with "Elephant-Clasp"

Chocolate- and Peach Moonstone rosaries with "diamondclasp L"

Chocolate- and Peach Moostone rosaries with "Diamondclaps L""

Moonstone Bezel-necklace with "Elephantclasp"

Moonstone Bezel-Necklace with "Elephantclasp"

grey moonstone and Labradorite rosaries and freshwaterpearl necklace with "diamondclasp M and S"

grey Moonstone- and Labradadorite rosaries and grey Freshwaterpearls with  "Diamondclasp M and S"

peach Moonstone Bezel-Necklace with "Diamondclasp Elephant"

peach Moonstone Bezel-Necklace with "Diamondclasp Elephant"