Choose the colour and length that matches your outfit or your mood. Wear your necklace long or short, as a choker or sautoir. Your necklaces look entirely different depending on the pendant you hang in and on the other necklaces you combine it with. Layer some more necklaces and create your own look.


All necklaces come als rosary- or bezel chains, or in rhodium-plated Sterling Silver. All necklaces for pendants are  about 90 cm long, the ones to layer are about  130 cm long. All necklaces have diamond encrusted clasps that can be openend to hang your pendant in.

bezel-chain made of chocolate-moonstone with "elephant-clasp"

rosary-chains made of chocolate- and peach-moonstone with "diamond clasp L"

bezel-chain made of grey moonstone with "elephant-clasp"

rosary-chains made of grey moonstone, labradorite and grey freshwaterpearls and "diamond clasp M and S"

bezel-chain made of peach-moonstone with "elephant-clasp"