My name is Catarina Schippinger, ClonferoDaPonte is the maiden name of my husband's grandmother coming from northern Italy. I have always loved that name.


I finally could fulfil my long-cherished wish of a jewelry label of my own with over 50 after I succeeded to realize some other goals in my life.


Only fine jewellery came into question for me and I wanted an understated, unagitated look that fits into the everyday's life of modern women. A look that is both elegant and yet glamourous at the same time.


I realized this look with oxidized or black rhodium-plated Sterling Silver, semi-precious stones and grey or brown diamonds - furthermore, I find handmade jewellery attractive that seems perfect for me in it's imperfection.


For me modern jewelry also has to be versatile, easy to wear and easy to combine. That is why I have worked diamond clasps into all my necklaces. This gives the possibility not only to wrap and layer them around your neck but also to attach different pendants or hang the pendants in necklaces of different colours. I took all kind of religious as well as cultural symbols, especially mandalas, crosses or symbols of the hippie movement as an inspiration for my pendants. Over the years I have built a net of a few small manufacturies in India.  All my pieces of jewelry are made by hand there. I am in permanent contact with these manufacturies.